Tuesday, March 22, 2011


We have spent the last week hanging out and hoping for some beach time. It was a welcome break from the daily packing our bags and moving onto a new home. One morning on Golden Beach Josiah kept saying "pack" to me and suddenly it dawned on me that he got used to packing each day and moving on to a new place. I assured him that we were not packing yet. He then looked at me and said "home." Sweet little man, he has done such a great job of transitioning to each new place and making it his home this whole trip. Each new place he likes to see his bed set up with his monkey and blanket and then he opens his bag of hot wheel cars and little people and he is moved it. It is pretty cute to see his little routine. We realize how truly blessed we are.

We had a great time in Golden Beach, we got to experience a full fledged monsoon, complete with flash floods. However, we were a little disappointed because we were planning on maximizing our pool and beach time. We did put our toes in the ocean, but that is as far as we got. We did, despite the rain, hit the pool everyday despite the weather. It was so fun to watch Josiah put his face in the water and jump into us. He also charmed every gal (of all ages) at the pool each day.

It is funny think that we experienced an aftershock in Christchurch and a flash flood in Queensland where they had flooding earlier in the year.

We are amazed that our trip has come to an end and we have so much o reflect on. As we took off from Sydney and flew over the city, it was bittersweet... Our trip was over, but we were going home... And that is a really good thing.

The Olsen's <><

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