Friday, February 25, 2011

We made it!

Flight #2: LA to Auckland. What was supposed to be a 12 hour flight turned out to be 13 and a half. With no nap and running around in LAX, we couldn't wait to get off the ground to put Josiah down, but we had to wait in our seats for an hour while they tried to find an ill passenger's baggage. To say the least, this flight did not start out as well as the last.

But, as soon as we got into the air and they turned down the lights, Josiah was out. Did I mention we were flying business class and we had the entire first row to ourselves? We did not take long in taking up the whole space. We also enjoyed probably the best chocolate cheesecake with raspberry sauce ever at 30,000 feet. As well as a bunch of other fancy food served on glass dishes with metal silverware.

Our arrival into Auckland was long awaited and we couldn't wait to get into our own vehicle. It did take some getting used to though. Not only is the steering wheel and stick shift on the other side of the car, so is the windshield wiper lever.... Stupid. He has stopped signaling all together.

After we got our car we drove to Kelly Tarlton's Aquarium to see some fish and penguins. It was a blast. Josiah loved the shark exhibit so much he walked around it over and over. He even gave a diver high five!

YouTube Video

Getting out of the city we did have some minor errors in navigating, but we finally arrived at our first destination about an hour south of Auckland in a beautiful farm countryside. Our couch surfing hosts are wonderful and we are sharing their home with a girl from Hungary (who made us real authentic Hungarian food from scratch) and her British boyfriend. Our hosts have two sons who Josiah has had a blast playing with and following around.

We are off to see some glow worms caves tomorrow. And now it is time for bed. Cheers!

The Olsen's <><


  1. Happy you all made it safely and are having fun!

  2. Too Cool, Molly. I can't wait to see what else to be.