Thursday, February 10, 2011

Spontaneous Ocean Adventure

We decided spontaneously to go to the ocean for a little family get-away.  We thought it would be a good idea before we left for New Zealand to "test" Josiah to see how he would do without his bed and without his daily schedule.  
And why not... let this be our first blog post.  

We were blessed with amazing clear, sunny weather not common for February in Washington and especially not the Washington coast. We had the pleasure of some time throwing rocks at Ruby Beach, driving through Forks and enjoying all of the Twilight stuff... not really.

But, quite possibly the highlight of the trip was the Olympic Game farm in Squeim.  There is nothing like having a pack of llamas running around your car, sticking their heads in your windows while you try to avoid them and the buffalo who are charging at your car. to say, it was a great opportunity for some fun pictures and anytime we see any sort of farm life on the side of the road, Josiah asks to feed it bread.

I will admit, it was a bit nerve racking having these animals run full speed up to your car with their antlers/horns, knowing full well you signed a waiver about any car damage. Not to mention all the stories we had heard over breakfast about the bison sitting on the hoods of your car.  

It is amazing to realize that in a little less than two weeks we will be in one of the most amazingly beautiful landscapes in the world. But here, right in our back yard, we have just as amazing landscape. We actually ran into a couple at Ruby Beach who moved to Washington from the east coast after they had traveled to New Zealand. They told us they moved here because Washington's raw coastline and mountains reminded them of New Zealand's. It is so easy to take for granted the things we see everyday. But we came home with a new perspective to love where you are at and to keep seeing all of God's beauty around you everyday.  The more we think about it.... maybe we should have just traveled the Washington coast for a few weeks...... nope... I think we will stick with New Zealand.  

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