Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It begins.......

Flight issues, earthquakes, and a snow storm nothing can't keep us from this adventure.

So here we go.

Our departure time from home was a little earlier on account that it was SNOWING cats and dogs, sticking on the road and not looking like it was going to slow down anytime soon. Here Peter has waited all winter for snow to fall in any sort of accumulation and here it was, on the day we were leaving. So, we quickly finished putting all the last minute things in our bags while Josiah "rested" (sang and talked in his bed) and Chelsea nervously paced between each bag trying to figure out which one was her stuff. It was oddly eerie knowing we would not be back to our house or see our dog for a whole month, but we know they are in good hands.

We arrived to the airport early thanks to the fantastic driving skills of Papa Ken. We breezed through security and made a beeline for the Sea-Tac kids play area. Which, by the way is amazing and there should be one in every terminal of every airport...the play area was even made from antimicrobial foam... Awesome!

Anyway, Josiah promptly peed through his entire outfit (which was adorable) so for the rest of the trip today he is sporting his monkey pj's. He did love playing in the play area and looking out the window at all the planes, which he announced each one in a voice loud enough for all the concourse to hear.

As we boarded the flight and everyone in first class had their mouths wide open as we climbed into our seats. Josiah was very happy playing with his little people, play-dough and watching Curious George. Thus making the 2 hour flight go great. We are thankful, and relieved. Now, as we burn more energy in the LA airport, we pray that the next 12 hour flight will go as well.

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