Saturday, February 26, 2011

Root beer, worms and The Amazing Race

After a great night's sleep we enjoyed breakfast with our wonderful couch surfing hosts on their back deck in the sun. It was a great way to start our first full day in New Zealand. Our hosts gave us some lessons on terminology... Did you know that ketchup is called red sauce and that red sauce for your pasta is called pasta sauce? But, sadly they have no idea what root beer is.

If any of you have ever seen the amazing race, you would know that they always coordinate their outfits. Here's a photo of team Olsen... We are totally going to win.

We then headed south toward Waitomo. We were hoping to get into town soon enough to catch a tour of the glow worm caves. Unfortunately, the last tour of the day was canceled due to a lack of people. So our only option was a quick 45 minute large group tour. We did enjoy seeing the glow worms and Josiah entertained the entire group as he sang most of the time in the cave listening to his echo. He also really enjoyed riding in a boat.

PS - Who is this guy in our photo!?! I don't think he enjoyed Josiah's singing.

Unfortunately they didn't allow us to take any photos of inside the cave. We found a pizza place for dinner and enjoyed watching a thunder storm roll in. Josiah met some more friends at the play ground and was super brave and went down the big boy slide. He also twisted his ankle a little bit while playing on the trampoline, but he quickly bounced back and he was soon entertaining the front desk staff with his jumping and go-go-go's.

We are headed to bed early tonight in preparation for a morning hike.

The Olsen's <><

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